About Us

Who We Are

Masters Commission is an internship program in which you give 9 months of time to change your life.  Through school of ministry courses, hands on ministry experience, mission trips and local outreach, you will receive help and clarity to discover your place in His will for you.

Why Northwoods MC?
We exist to Know God and Make Him Known.  In partnership with Master's Commission International, it is our goal to help people find and reach their God given dream for life.  We do this through the avenue of the local church.  But this isn't just about serving, it's about seeking and seeing God use you and me to accomplish His will.  You will be challenged, stretched and go beyond what you thought possible.  

Meet Our Directors

Donavon & Lori Blair

Donavon & Lori Blair serve as Directors of Northwoods Masters Commission.  Over the years, they have collectively held many roles in the local church: volunteer cleaning crew, youth pastor, worship leader, financial administrator, children's pastor and team builder for several ministries.  Their diverse experience makes them well-suited to raise up the next generation of church leaders.

Donavon & Lori began their ministry work in an intensive internship program, helping facilitate youth conferences, completing missions work and training for ministry.  It was through these experiences they gained direction for their life's work and were inspired to train others.

Donavon & Lori are raising four wonderful children.  They desire to see others fulfill the purpose on their lives and are passionate to see God's Kingdom advanced.


Our Church

Faith Christian Church

Founded more than 30 years ago, Faith Christian Church (FCC) began with small Bible studies in homes around Mauston, WI.  Under the leadership of Pastor Paul & Doreen Shirek, we now have multiple campuses, a Bible School, missionaries around the globe and Northwoods Masters Commission.  Through mentoring and an informal internship program, FCC has placed more than 22 people in ministry positions around the world.  For this reason FCC has partnered with Masters Commission; it is in the DNA of our church to help others find and reach their potential in God's calling.

My daughter has always been loving, kind, quiet, sweet girl, with a dry sarcastic humor, which has always been able to put a smile on my face.  Her relationships with our people was more reserved, only let people in so far, until she truly trusted you.  She was unsure of what and who she was when she started Master commission.  


Masters commission has taken who my daughter is and built on that, enhancing and stretching her to help her find her full potential. Through master commission ashley has grown not only in Bible knowledge (and she has grown in that too) but also in her faith.


There are two things she was passionate about in her life, that was music and kids, we are pretty proud of her talent, but she always lacked the confidence to share with others, through the help of Master commission, she now plays on worship team in church and now leads the children’s ministry as well.  She has grown in her love for kids and was in charge  of our Summer kid outreach.  She is stepping out in confidence, because master commission and those involved in it poured into her life and gave her the confidence and tools to turn around and pour into others.  She has been stretched in her fears of getting up to speak , street ministry in New Orleans and flying all the way to Africa. She has had challenging moments and lots of fun along the way.

I sent this quiet, shy, sweet girl to Masters Commission and she has come home my same sweet girl, only with more confidence, more sure of who she is in life and in Christ.  She has wonderful life giving relationships with others, who truly love her and she truly loves and trust them, they are family.


I highly recommend this program and are so thankful to those who have loved, supported, and poured into my daughters life.  Love Master Commission.