The "Gap Year"

May 27, 2016

Recently, in the news, a lot of attention has been given to something called the 'gap year' or the 'bridge year.'  It is the time students take off between graduating high school and entering college.  The reason it has made headlines lately is because Malia Obama has decided to enter a gap year before attending Harvard.


While this concept is not new, the way it's done is new.  Students aren't just working to earn more money to pay for the inflated costs of higher education (an average rise of 3% a year, outpacing inflation).  They are taking time to enter a transformative year; entering internship programs that help the pursue their passions and interests.  Some are taking specialized studies, serving their communities and traveling the world, intentionally experiencing life outside their comfort zones.


The benefits are huge!  According to several reports, colleges have seen a more focused and mature student.  They are less distracted and have higher GPAs.  They enter the workforce faster with greater success than others who went straight from high school to college.  In fact, in their acceptance letters, several colleges (Harvard included) encourage taking a gap year.


Why am I talking about this?  Because right now, you are a bright, talented student who lives a passionate life and you are at a major decision point.  I remember when I was at this point my senior year of high school.  It was awkward and I felt kind of blind navigating this fork in the road.  I didn't have much guidance.  I do remember a lot of brochures to review and opinions of others based upon their personal experience.  Nobody really talked me through options or viable alternatives.


I ended up going to college and, due to my maturity (or lack thereof), I wasted a bunch of time and money.  Two years later, I had the opportunity to join an internship program in Tulsa, OK.  I gained direction for my life and grew in my walk with God.  All the while, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing unique challenges.  It set me on a path with a crystal clear direction.


Please contact me to talk more about my internship experience and what Northwoods Masters Commission is all about.  It's not just a program, it's a movement.  We have partnered with Master's Commission International Network, where over 50,000 young people have graduated world-wide.


This is an exciting time!

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