Things Change

August 17, 2016


One of my favorite things about living in Wisconsin is the change of seasons.  This past summer has been extremely warm (for Wisconsin) and as I drove into the office today I saw a couple leaves starting to change color and you could feel cooler, crisp air.   Fall is by far my favorite season. 


Let's be honest, aside from seasons changing, most of us do not like change.  We like our lives just the way they are.  Nobody likes bumps in the road or detour signs along the journey.  It confuses us, and interrupts our timeline and plans.  What is odd about that, is that we were not created this way. I do not believe we are meant to be creatures of habit.  Somewhere along the line we built these insulated lives where we know what to expect.  We have built our own little empire and drawn our own blue print.  However, if we consider ourselves to be followers of Christ, and we are to live a life of reckless abandon and our lives are not our own, how then, can we be comfortable with being comfortable?  


Ok before I go much further, let me make it perfectly clear that in all things use wisdom, and yes; we have a responsibility to our families.  Jobs are good, work is great... having a roof over our heads is a necessity.  However, would you give it all away if you had to?  Would you be willing to come to a place where you trust God to provide everything?  Sometimes, we are called to these places.  Let me give you an example.  I have a friend, who was a Disney Imagineer.  He helped make movies that your family have probably watched.  He had everything a person could want and we would even call him blessed because he had it all.  The salary, the cars, the houses and the ability to give to his church.  One day out of frustration, he prayed a prayer.... A. Real. Prayer.  Something along the lines of "God if you are who you say you are, and I am who you say I am, make yourself real to me.  Surely I was created for more than this..... "  Prayers like this kind of get God's attention.  Only because he felt God calling him and his wife on a journey, he submitted.  He sold the houses, the cars, the computer equipment, the tools - everything he had worked for for years; just gone.  Today he is a children's missionary across America who uses his talents for the Kingdom, and he lives 100% on faith.  He takes no salary.  He lives by faith and believes what the bible says.


This example is not meant to make you feel bad about your current position in relationship to God or what you have been blessed with.  My point is this.  If God called you, would you go?  If you got really real with God and laid it all down, would you be ok with letting it all go?  I have had to examine my heart, my motives and my faith.  I challenge you to do the same. 


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