The Underdog

September 12, 2016

One of my favorite type of stories is that of the underdog.  There are so many books and movies filled with this theme.  The reason I love these stories is because someone goes from last place to being on top, and on some level we can all relate.  


There are the classics of course; Rudy, The Goonies (the misfit kids find the treasure and save their neighborhood), Invincible and any other sports movie known to mankind.  As far as books are concerned, the bible is the epitome of these examples (you had to know I was going there...).


In the story of David we see his life and the theme is "come along after thought."  His brothers think less of him, his dad even forgets him in the pasture when the prophet comes to anoint him as king.  But let's look at a particular passage in 1 Samuel 17:28-40.  David was sent down to take food for his brothers who were in battle, again the menial task of a youngest brother and one who is not highly respected.  The scene is this:  Israel has been hiding, afraid to come out and fight the giant (that seems to be a common problem for Israel). David is walking in with a fresh set of eyes, he doesn't even know what is going on.  He doesn't really sense the tension.  David decides to say I'll kill the giant.  Have you ever had those people in your life who just do things without even giving it a second thought?  Doesn't that make you mad?  You have thought and plotted for days about how to go about doing a certain thing and in that time your mind has come up with all the ways that this scenario is going to go bad - then comes along a person who is not inside your head and sees the problem for the first time and just takes care of business... why did David's brothers not like him?  for the same reason we dislike the go getter who just does things - it hurts our pride and makes us look bad.


Here is where it gets interesting:  King Saul insists that David at least wears his armor into battle.  Verse 39 says that David tried in vain to go, but had not yet tested the armor.  David felt more comfortable fighting with less protection and weaponry because the other method wasn't proved by him.  Here is the moral of this blog; We need to be comfortable and confident with who we are.  Other people are going to try and fit you into a mold, an ideal, and a culture where you do not necessarily belong.  You are going to be told to try this on for size, it could be a certain school, or a trade or career path that worked well for someone else you respect.  It was not tested by you, and while listening to wisdom is good, we have to be comfortable with what God has given us and become masters with what we have.  Don't try to fit into another man's armor.  Armor was custom made for each warrior.  Know who you are and be the best version of that creation.  David knew who he was and what he was capable of.  Do you know who you are and what you are capable of?  Do you see what God sees or are you spending time in the dressing rooms trying on a bunch of things that you weren't meant to wear?  Be real and honest with yourself.  Spend time with God to figure out what you were created for.  Hint: It's way more than you can even imagine.  

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